Urine Finder LED Light

The Urine Off Hi-Power LED Urine Finder is the ideal tool for locating hard-to-find urine deposits. Most urine deposits are invisible to the naked eye until they collect soil, making them easy to see. Find urine stains fast and stop the smell with the Urine Off Hi-Power LED Urine Finder Light.

ULTRAVIOLET TECHNOLOGY – Light is custom engineered to illuminate uric acid so you can more effectively spot urine stains.

LOCATES HARD-TO-FIND SPOTS – Never lose another urine stain again. UV technology lights up forgotten or hard-to-find stains invisible to the naked eye.

WORKS ON ANY SURFACE – The Urine Off Hi-Power LED Urine Finder can detect urine stains on virtually any surface. Locate stains on carpet, tile, wood, walls, and bathroom fixtures.

DURABLE – Flashlight is made with high-quality and lightweight aluminum material.

POWERFUL – Emits a bright ultraviolet LED light, capable of covering large areas.

Unscrew switch-end cap. Insert three AAA batteries. For best results, darken room. Locate urine deposits. Treat deposits with Urine Off.